SmartLMS (Baseet)

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  • May 20, 2019
Portfolio Description

SmartLMS platform aims to enable you to access the educational material easily and to enhance the interaction between the teacher and the student, and to provide everything the student needs from video clips and files in addition to providing electronic tests to measure the student’s understanding of the material with ease, and it also helps students exchange opinions and ideas, which helps in creative thinking. Also to solve the problem of traditional private lessons, and provide the opportunity for students to retrieve what was studied at any time and provide feedback always.

  • Student User Management
  • Scheduling System
  • Interactive Practice
  • Teacher User Management
  • Homework Management
  • Interactive Quiz/Test
  • Parent User Management
  • ]Practice Management
  • Workflow-Based System
  • Content Management
  • Quiz/Test Management
  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • Payment Integration
  • Online Classes Management
  • Registration with Identity Verification
  • User and Role Management System
  • KPI-Based Quality Assurance System

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