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SmartWave Technologies is a company that providing custom software development, software services, GIS application development, mobile application development, professional outsourcing, software consultancy, and software project management. Smart Wave offers a full stack of IT services starting from system analysis, design, implementation, passing by quality assurance and testing, and ending up by installation, maintenance, and training.

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  • May 20, 2019
Portfolio Description

A Complete solution for shopping over web, Mobile (over the most popular Operating Systems: Android and iOS). Smart Shopping is built for a new innovative way for shopping via customer engagement, which greatly benefit engagement and centralize contacting and shopping with customer. There is a great potential to provide a high quality and valuable experience for Customer and increase sales and surely service level. Creating this value can go a long way to increase user base and growing engagement over time. Smart Shopping has been developed with a huge functionality with 10 development teams. Each team was working on different technology. Meanwhile, integration and data was another big challenge. Smart Shopping is a native developed mobile app on both iOS and Android besides web user and admin team interface

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